Sea safari Morning adventure

+ Lokrum and Game of Thrones

Morning adventure tour meeting point is at 8,50 on the big peer in old harbor at the old town of Dubrovnik. Start of the tour is at 9am. Bring your towels and swimming suits. On our tour you will see Dubrovnik city walls and modern part of the city from the sea. First stop is Blue cave on Koločep island. The speedboat will anchor in front and you can swim inside the cave with snorkeling equipment provided on board. In front of the cave, there is a big cliff so you can cliff dive from 3m up to 25m high. On board, you have an open bar all the time with unlimited drinks (beer, wine, and soft drinks) of your choice. After Blue cave next stop is three green caves. In front of the cave, the sea is shallow and very interesting to snorkel. caves are very fun and adventures there for our tour guide will accompany those who want to explore inside all of them. when everyone is on board safely we will take you to the biggest sandy beach in southern Croatia cold Šunj. Here you have about 1,30 hour of free time to relax or enjoy sand and cocktails on the beach. around 13.00h we will start our way back to Dubrovnik. This is where it gets interesting before coming back to Old town boat will stop on Nature preserved island of Lokrum. This part is optional and you can decide at the moment boat stops will you stay at Lokrum or return to Dubrovnik with us. If you decide to get off the board you need to bay entrance ticket to Lokrum(150kn). With that ticket you have ferry boat driving back to Dubrovnik every half an hour until 8 pm, so you can decide how long your adventure will last. Our tour guide will stay with you for about one hour to help find all the attractions. On Lokrum island you have Game of Thrones house wit Iron throne inside, Lokrum legends house with all the history that follows this cursed island, dead sea in the middle of the island and one of the best restaurants in Dubrovnik. All of that except the restaurant, of course, is included with the entrance ticket. On the island, there are so many peafowls and rabbits running around and nature is astonishing like time stopped there. If you stayed on board we will bring you back to old harbor at 14h. Don't forget to leave your email address to your captain so we can send you pictures of your adventure. See you soon